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Marco Zenker

Marco was born in Munich in 1988. As a teenager he came true with skateboarding, listening to Roots Reggae, Dub and underground Hip Hop for years. A dj set from his brother Dario in 2006 introduced him to electronic music in a club environment.

By the time Marco was already making hip hop beats. At the beginning he was just messing around, but soon he spent all of his free time discovering sound and gear. Slowly and step by step he built a studio. His first club gig was a live set on new years eve 2008/2009 at the old Harry Klein in Munich.

Everything began with dancing – the love for music and letting yourself go with the crowd. His live sets are accordingly full of energy and rhythm whereby it is also always about the live moment. Marco never plays whole pieces – his live sets are always live jams. For many years he played only live, but he was always buying records during that time. In 2013 the Zenker Brothers started to play b2b dj sets.

Over the years the brothers consequently followed their vision. They run the record label Ilian Tape, dj, play live and produce music together, throw dance jams in Munich and hustle hard.

Expect the unexpected.

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01.01.2015   Secretsundaze – London – UK
10.01.2015   Sound Department – IT
30.01.2015   All Nighter – Würzburg – DE
31.01.2015   Hope Works – Sheffield – UK
06.02.2015   MMA – Munich – DE
07.02.2015   Übel & Gefährlich – Hamburg – DE
14.02.2015   Output – New York – US
20.02.2015   Stereo – Montreal – CA
28.02.2015   Berghain – Berlin – DE
05.03.2015   Mutek – Barcelona – ES
06.03.2015   Auf Und Davon – Heidelberg – DE
07.03.2015   Grelle Forelle – AT
13.03.2015   I.Boat – Bordeaux – FR
20.03.2105   Kong – Munich – DE
21.03.2015   IFZ – Leipzig – DE
27.03.2015   Oval Space – London – UK
03.04.2015   Toffler – Rotterdam – NL
04.04.2015   Radion – Amsterdam – NL
09.04.2015   Pand 48 – Groningen – NL
11.04.2015   Paradigm – Groningen – NL
17.04.2015   Breakfast Club – Tel Aviv – IS
18.04.2015   Bob Beaman – Munich – DE
25.04.2015   Concrete – Paris – FR
01.05.2015   The Pint – Dublin – IR
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Marco Zenker – Smoked Near By The Alps Ep (Ilian Tape)
Marco Zenker – Wasserburg Ep (Igloo)
Marco Zenker – In Between Seasons (Ilian Tape)
Marco Zenker – Namibia Dub Ep (Ilian Tape)
Marco Zenker – Yellow Leaves (Ilian Tape)
Marco Zenker – Short Days (Esperanza)
Marco Zenker – Never Mind (Rave on Snow Compilation Cd)
Marco Zenker – Don’t Stress Ep (Ilian Tape)
Marco Zenker – Think Twice / Even Steps (Harry Klein Records)
Marco Zenker – Reflections (Futureaudio)
Marco Zenker – Woble (Ilian Tape)
Marco Zenker – Moments Ep (Ilian Tape)
Marco Zenker – No Pressure / Let Go (Harry Klein Records)
Marco Zenker – Blue Air Ep (Ilian Tape)
Marco Zenker – Memory Mode (Ilian Tape)
Zenker Brothers – Berg 10 Ep (Ilian Tape)
Marco Zenker – Black Box Ep (Ilian Tape)
Marco Zenker – Dave’s Place (Esperanza)
Marco Zenker – Twenty-Three (Ilian Tape)
Zenker Brothers – Lion In Mars (Tresor)
Marco Zenker – Morpho (Ilian Tape)
Marco Zenker – Second Flight (Sistrum)
Zenker Brothers – Stratus Phunk (Tresor)
Zenker Brothers – Mount Watz (Ilian Tape)

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