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Since the late seventies, the Bavarian capital has been a non-dwindling source of advanced musical creativity. Especially electronic music “Made in Munich” has gained worldwide reputation through famous artists like Giorgio Moroder, Richard Bartz, Disko B Records or DJ Hell during the last decades, only to name a few. Right now it’s time for the Zenker Brothers to emerge from this solid foundation, and share a vision with their own definition of contemporary dance music, in this case Techno, to be exact.

It was the elder one of the brothers, Dario, who first found his way into Munich’s flourishing scene of electronic dance music during the late nineties. He was a huge fan of Hip Hop and Dub when he stumbled into the neon lights of the omnipresent Goa parties that got staged in many clubs. His first set of turntables was a gift from his parents at the age of fifteen and he quickly found himself at the other side of the dance floor. In 2006 his younger brother Marco, who also was an enthusiastic supporter of Hip Hop and Reggae music – apart from being quite a talented skateboarder -, went to see Dario perform and fell in love with the unique vibe of Techno and House parties. This night was a crucial turning point in any sense.

It was only a question of time when these two artists and brothers would canalise their creativity and start to work together. In 2007 they founded the label Ilian Tape with some long lasting friends, in order to establish a platform for their own productions, and in 2012 they started playing their notorious B2B sets. Rooted in the legacy of Detroit and Techno, House, Dub, Rap Music and Breakbeats, the two brothers managed to define their own trademark sound over the years with their own productions, and their own way of running a label by building a fundament with patience. Besides focusing on Ilian Tape they have released records on such notable labels as Tresor or Marcel Fengler’s IMF imprint. In 2015 they released their first album called Immersion, which was the next natural step and heart project after they moved their two bedroom studios together in 2013.

The brothers never forget their roots, where they came from and the essential meaning of a well-known Munich proverb: “Live and let live”, so furthermore they transcend the musical legacy of their hometown into the new millennium, shaping and forming it the Zenkerian way towards something very unique and – even more important – connective.

03.02.2017   White Noise – Stuttgart – DE
05.02.2017   Spinler Room – Dessel – BE
05.02.2017   Berghain – Berlin – DE
10.02.2017   Paradigm – Groningen – NL
11.02.2017   De School – Amsterdam – NL
17.02.2017   Substance – Edinburgh – UK
18.02.2017   Robert Johnson – Offenbach – DE
25.02.2017   Fabric – London – UK
10.03.2017   Concrete – Paris – FR
11.03.2017   Mirage Festival – Lyon – FR
18.03.2017   Nachtvogels – Ghent – BE
24.03.2017   Breakfast Club – Tel Aviv – IS
25.03.2017   Linkesoto – Maastricht – NL
31.04.2017   Bassiani – Tbilisi – GE
07.04.2017   Cabaret Eden – Ulm – DE
08.04.2017   Dimensions International Series – Madrid – ES
09.04.2017   Pratersauna – Vienna – AT
13.04.2017   Cosmic Ballroom – Newcastle – UK
15.04.2017   Dario @ Meakusma – Eupen – BE
15.04.2017   Marco @ IFZ – Leipzig – DE
20.04.2017   Lux – Lisbon – PT
21.04.2017   Palace – St. Gallen – CH
22.04.2017   Nitsa – Barcelona – ES
29.04.2017   Hidden – Manchester – UK
30.04.2017   Kaiku – Helsinki – FI
05.05.2017   Pal – Hamburg – DE
06.05.2017   Blitz – Munich – DE
13.05.2017   Tresor – Berlin – DE
14.05.2017   Le Sucre – Lyon – FR
18.05.2017   Made Festival – Rennes – FR
19.05.2017   Forth Presents – Toronto – CA
20.05.2017   Refuge Presents – Edmonton – CA
21.05.2017   Open Studio – Vancouver – CA
24.05.2017   Blitz – Munich – DE
31.05.2017   Beaverworks – Leeds – UK
03.06.2017   Fabric – London – UK
09.06.2017   Blitz – Munich – DE
16.06.2017   Ilian Tape Showcase – Barcelona – ES
17.06.2017   Ilian Tape @ Fuse – Brussels – BE
24.06.2017   Monticule Festival – Domain de Gayfie – FR
10.07.2017   Circoloco @ DC 10 – Ibiza – ES
15.07.2017   Blitz – Munich – DE
22.07.2017   Suxul – Ingolstadt – DE
29.07.2017   Schall im Schilf Open Air – Garching – DE

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Zenker Brothers – Berg 10 Ep (Ilian Tape)
Zenker Brothers – Lion In Mars (Tresor)
Zenker Brothers – Stratus Phunk (Tresor)
Zenker Brothers – Mount Watz (Ilian Tape)
Zenker Brothers – Immersion Lp (Ilian Tape)
Zenker Brothers – Pollioni (IMF)
Zenker Brothers – Namuan (50 Weapons)
Zenker Brothers – Haras (Ilian Tape)
Zenker Brothers – Perainer (Repitch)
Zenker Brothers – The Schyren (Ilian Tape)
Simple & Thigpen – Licking Peanut Butter (Zenker Brothers Remix) – Ilian Tape
Stenny – Eternal Restriction (Zenker Brothers Remix) – Ilian Tape
Lo Shea – Durga (Zenker Brothers Remix) – Dext
Roberto Clementi – Wall Of People (Zenker Brothers Remix) – Soma
Scntst – Thru Infinity (Zenker Brothers Remix) – Boys Noize
Dark Sky – Kilter (Zenker Brothers Remix) – Monkeytown

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